The cloud-based enterprise software

SAP Business ByDesign is the integrated enterprise software ideally suited for SMEs. And the kicker is: The software is managed, monitored and maintained in SAP data centres. Customers simply use it via the Internet benefitting from all the advantages on demand solutions provide -such as full cost transparency due to monthly fees, quick implementation, no upfront capital investment and mobile access anywhere, anytime. Plus complete flexibility – the solution is fully scalable and supports your company’s growth.

SAP Business ByDesign combines all these advantages with the power of an integrated ERP solution: A solution that can run your entire enterprise. Streamlined processes and maximum transparency. And one single database for all employees.

Six Reasons for SAP Business ByDesign:

Integrated: Project management, sales, accounting, finance in one software

An integrated ERP solution you can profit from the advantages of SAP Business ByDesign in all corporate departments. This is how you increase the efficiency of your processes across your organisation and at the same time boost transparency – for insightful key figures, analytics and reports.

Cloud-based: ready to use – no IT resources needed on your part

SAP Business ByDesign runs “in the cloud” - or in an SAP data centre to be exact - and is used via the Internet. This means for your that getting up and running is both simple and cost-effective. You do not need any IT infrastructure, hardware, IT personnel or installations. All you need is an Internet access.

Lease by the month: All-inclusive

Stop worrying about such IT topics as operation, updates, data security or maintenance – SAP specialists will take care of that. Your software is always up-to-date – also when it comes to new regulations and laws. All this is contained in the monthly fee which, by the way, is based on the number of users.

One single database: Up to date data for all employees at all times

Cloud solutions store data in a central database. Therefore all users have access to the same and always latest data. This does not only help your employees in their daily tasks by providing the information they need but also guarantees insightful analytics and reports.

Scalable: Software that grows with you

A cloud-based software SAP Business ByDesign is virtually indefinitely scalable. What is more the system has a modular design so that you can configure the solution to fit your needs. Start using it for your company’s key departments for instance – such as project management or accounting - and include others at a later time.

Mobile use: Access anywhere, anytime

Enable your employees to use SAP Cloud solutions anywhere, anytime – in the office, in their home office, on the customer site or mobile on their laptop computer or smart phone. No need for installation - the software runs via web browser. Furthermore there are free apps for tablets and smart phones supporting frequently used features.

Scope of functions

Sales & Marketing

If you want to stay successful as an SME the most important thing is to keep an eye on yourcustomers and markets. What are your competitors up to? How can you efficiently synchronise marketing and sales activities? What do your existing and new customer segments expect? And how can you exceed their expectations with superior service?

Those questions are essential for your business. With SAP Business ByDesign you find the right answers – easily, quickly and across all departments – for your corporate CRM strategy.

Transparent data on competition and customers available at the push of a button enables you to plan your activities efficiently and increase your sales potential – from marketing to sales to service. The CRM module of SAP Business ByDesign helps you to work efficiently across all departments and lowers your overall costs for customer management.


Plan your campaigns, document their customer response and develop the right strategies. From sales preparation to target group segmentation and market development up to lead qualification – SAP Business ByDesign boosts efficiency of your marketing processes.

  • Market development: Manage market and competitor information in one database and provide one central point of access for all employees for industry news, sales strategies, market research results or company profiles.
  • Campaign management: Segment, select and qualify target groups and suitable communication channels in your customer database to lower costs, time effort and waste coverage and to boost your marketing success.

Scope of functions

  • Market development
  • Market information management
  • Competitor information management
  • Campaign management
  • Target group management
  • Campaign execution
  • Lead generation


Interface between customer and company your salesforce is an important tool for your corporate success. Now you can leverage your employees’ experience using embedded analytics. SAP Business ByDesign delivers all customer-related data on opportunities, quotes, orders or invoices in one solution. On the basis of this data employees can for instance check product availability, provide accurate forecasts, predict future sales volume and assess opportunities for cross and up-selling.

  • Customer management: Gain insight into your customers and flexibility in your communication – from quote to price list.
  • New business development: Qualify your leads with a focus on opportunities and accelerate your entire sales process.
  • Sales planning: Make informed decisions based on insightful analytics and reports.

Scope of functions

Customer and activity management

  • Customer management
  • Activity management

Product and service portfolio management

  • Sell products
  • Sell services
  • Sell project-based services
  • Sell customised products
  • Fix pricelists and discounts
  • Price fixing

New business development

  • Lead approval and qualification
  • Opportunity management
  • Generate quotes
  • Communication

Sell products and services

  • Manage sales orders
  • E-commerce support
  • E-commerce
  • Manage customer returns
  • Sales and financial statement communication

Customer invoicing

  • Order and service invoicing
  • Import invoices
  • Project settlement
  • Settle other transactions
  • Tax assessment
  • Edit value added and excise tax (USA)
  • Communication

Sales planning

  • Plan and monitor sales targets

Project Management

Project management is teamwork. A project will only be successful when all stakeholders involved are always up-to-date on the project status and their responsibilities. SAP Business ByDesign facilitates team collaboration and improves efficiency. The built-in dashboard functionalityhelps you visualise and monitor the progress of your projects with clear bar and flow charts.

Your advantage: Due to efficient communication and automated task distribution all teams involved have access to reliable and up-to-date project information. Seamless integration of all project-relevant data – e. g. for accounting, controlling, procurement or human resources – means you can keep track of costs, purchases as well as working hours of employees and service providers.

  • Benefit from deeper integration of project data into your business and financial operations.
  • Harness interactive graphic tools to visualise the current project state at a glance.
  • Improve internal and external collaboration of all departments and partners involved in the project – from order to time tracking.
  • Accelerate your response time by identifying deviations and bottlenecks early on.

Scope of functions

Project management and execution

  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Change management
  • Project resource management
  • Project procurement
  • Time tracking
  • Travel expense management

Project settlement

  • Management of project costs and profits
  • Project costing

Production & Logistics

To make sure your value chain lives up to its name you need accurate timing and reliable partners. Logistics have become the heartbeat of modern business – and essential to the success of your company. With SAP Business ByDesign you can increase the efficiency and flexibility of your supply chain.

In doing so, you can react immediately to new market situations and orders and ensure optimal material flow and flow of goods along your entire supply chain. Transparent processes enable you to create warehouse and production processes perfectly aligned to your products and business strategies and improve collaboration with customers and partners.

Supply Chain Structures

Now it is up to you whether you model your supply chain based on external supplier and/or customer processes or your internal warehouse or manufacturing locations. SAP Business ByDesign gives you supply chain flexibility and ensures security of the associated organisational data. You get a clear view of your external logistics network from suppliers to customers and also of your own location.

  • Create internal supply chains and material flow within your warehouse as one integrated process.
  • Align production and warehouse processes in on or more steps with your business requirements.
  • Achieve transparency from planning to execution based on scalable production models.
  • Develop your own manufacturing strategy based on your unique corporate requirements.

Scope of functions

Supply chain development

  • Location configuration
  • Planning area definition
  • Supplier network creation
  • Warehouse layout and production structure
  • Manage bill of materials (BOM)
  • Manage work schedules

Supply Chain Planning and Management

Especially in logistics, the right priorities are of the essence. It is demand that decides when and what kind of supply is needed – and when it is not. SAP Business ByDesign enables you to synchronise your demand and procurement planning and precisely control material flow. Based on an exception-driven approach you can plan and adjust your procurement requirements, create feasible production plans and determine realistic delivery deadlines. Furthermore you define and manage individual customer requirements and the respective product variants.

  • Check product availability and delivery deadlines against customer requirements, stock and product inflow.
  • Combine automated processes and manual planning steps to fully utilise production capacity.
  • Benefit for your flexibility to use different supply and production strategies to meet special customer requirements.

Scope of functions

Demand planning

  • Demand planning and forecasts

Demand management and order confirmation

  • Demand management
  • Shipping point assignment
  • Product availability check
  • Exception monitoring and management
  • Exception handling and management

Procurement planning

  • Material and capacity planning
  • Procurement management
  • Handover to procurement
  • Handover to production

Delivery management

  • Handover to outgoing goods
  • Drop shipment management
  • Stock transfer
  • Communication

Manufacturing, Warehouse Management and Logistics

When you are pressed for time delivering the usual product quality and increasing business efficiency in manufacturing and logistics is a real challenge. With SAP Business ByDesign you can manage manufacturing and delivery as well as return shipments, stocks and stock transfers smoothly. You synchronise procurement data with the relevant financial data. This does not only boost internal process transparency but also communication and customer satisfaction.

  • Integrate quality assurance up to the final check to ensure that your product meets all requirements.
  • Support tracking and tracing procedures by using identified stock and labelling.
  • Automate processes for inbound and outbound logistics and take advantage of barcode or RFID readers wherever it makes sense.

Scope of functions

Inbound and outbound logistics

  • Inbound processes
  • Return handling
  • Shipping
  • Pickup
  • Communication

Internal logistics

  • Internal supply
  • Return transfer

Inventory management

  • Inventory postings
  • Inventory


  • Production preparation and planning
  • Production management and feedback

Quality assurance

  • Quality management quality planning
  • Sample management
  • Communication

Identification and tracking of stocks

  • Manage handling units and logistics units
  • Manage identified stock
  • Manage labels and serial numbers

Execution and automation of tasks

  • Task execution and file management
  • Manage mobile end-devices
  • Automated identificatio

Customer Service

The only way to increase customer satisfaction is by knowing what your customers want. With SAP Business ByDesign you create a comprehensive customer data base for all your employees. This enables them to respond with innovative and customer-specific services, which paves the way for long-term and successful customer relations. By short response times and handling service issues timely and reliably you increase customer retention and generate valuable customer recommendations.

  • Manage service calls efficiently and utilise the entire know-how from various internal and external sources.
  • Make sure you meet all customer commitments and provide services in due time.
  • Coordinate your operative customer service requirements – from verifying product warranty entitlements to on-site repairs.

Scope of functions

Claim management

  • Product registration
  • Service level management
  • Verify and trace product warranty entitlements

Product and service portfolio management

  • Offer services
  • Spare part management
  • Fixing price lists and discounts
  • Price fixing

Customer service

  • Knowledge database maintenance

Service request handling

  • Communication

On-site service and repairs

  • Service request handling
  • Service feedback
  • Mobile service request management
  • Communication


Very often, as an SME, you are only as good as your suppliers. That means the quality of your products and services depends on how well, fast and cost-efficient your external suppliers meet your requirements. With SAP Business ByDesign you significantly improve your procurement processes and supplier relations.

Choose the best supplier and grab a competitive advantage by streamlining processes and lowering procurement costs. Gain deep insight into purchase requisitions, purchase order and invoice processing. Powerful self-service capabilities enable your employees to manage certain purchases themselves – quickly and efficiently.

Strategic Procurement

Reliable partnerships form the basis for long-term business success. To ensure you always pick the best supplier for your projects SAP Business ByDesign supports you and your purchasing activities by providing a central database. Create an extensive portfolio including supplier and product information to efficiently manage all supplier-related information. Due to automated procurement activities and interactive decision support your employees can focus entirely on finding the best suppliers and prices.

  • Find, negotiate and document the best sources of supply.
  • Align your supplier and product portfolio to your fit your demands and strengthen both old and new partnerships at the same time.
  • Document supplier performance across the entire contract lifecycle and facilitate future selection processes.
  • Bundle multiple purchase requests and benefit from quantity discounts.

Scope of functions

Supplier management

  • Supplier lifecycle management
  • Service provider lifecycle management

Requests for proposals (RFP) and contracts

  • Sourcing
  • Manage RFP requirements
  • Manage RFP documents
  • Manage purchasing contacts
  • Communication

Portfolio management for purchasing products

  • Material information management
  • Service information management
  • Catalogue management
  • List price management

Operative Procurement

Especially when it comes to repetitive order and purchasing processes in your daily business automation can bring about a valuable increase in efficiency. SAP Business ByDesign enables you to streamline your procurement processes and to focus on your core business. The solution automatically creates orders, checks invoices for deviations or identifies duplicates. Due to full process integration your buyers always have the latest information they need and therefore are able to make informed and fast purchasing decisions.

  • Manage and analyse the state of all corporate purchasing activities.
  • Streamline procurement processes by self-service capabilities and minimise effort spent on routine tasks.
  • Automate purchase requisitions and their corresponding approval processes by role-based profiles.

Scope of functions

Self-service procurement

  • Catalogue search

Shopping cart management

  • Order and purchase requisition management
  • Purchase requisition management
  • Order management
  • Order confirmation
  • Goods receipt and service provision
  • Procurement of stock material
  • Procurement of services and non-stock material
  • Communication

Invoice verification

  • Supplier invoice and credit memo management
  • Invoice exception management
  • Automated accounting
  • Communication

Finance & Accounting

Mere accounting systems will no longer do to keep track of the complex financial condition of your company? Then integrate your core business with financial accounting using SAP Business ByDesign.

You can manage significant business processes and keep an eye on receivables and payables, payment transactions and liquidity, inventory and assets, taxes and expenditure as well as on reporting and compliance requirements. All this information is based on solid real-time financial data across all corporate departments.

Cash Flow Management

The capital flowing between your and your customers during any business process keeps your business alive. Therefore it is immensely important for you to monitor your business transactions also under consideration of financial aspects. SAP Business ByDesign reliably manages your cash inflow and cash drain, streamlines and accelerates your accounting processes and enables closer collaboration with your business partners.

  • Manage and monitor all receivables and payables in a central database.
  • Process all incoming and outgoing payments to internal and external cost centres reliably.
  • Accelerate and optimise mandatory correspondence e. g. with tax authorities or banks.

Scope of functions

Process receivables and payables

  • Payment and settlement
  • Collections and dunning
  • Evaluate receivables and payables

Tax management

  • Tax calculation for goods and services
  • Edit value added and excise tax (USA)
  • Edit withholding tax
  • File tax returns

Expense and reimbursement management

  • Expense reimbursement
  • Communication

Payment transactions and liquidity

  • Account management
  • Support for multiple payment methods
  • Edit credit card payment
  • Cash and liquidity management
  • Foreign currency evaluation and handling
  • Electronic banking

Financial and management accounting

SAP Business ByDesign enables you to seamlessly manage your entire business processes in financial and management accounting. Get consistent real-time insights into your finances for instance in your procurement, manufacturing or sales department. Your advantage: You only enter any data on one particular transaction once and it is automatically available in all books and for all kinds of financial reports. This is how you get a deep understanding of your costs and profits and at the same time you create a solid basis for analytics – which is also in accordance with various accounting regulations.

  • Accelerate period-end and annual closings due to integrated interactive analytics.
  • Create reports at any time – drill down to details for various scenarios.
  • Manage the financial status of your assets automatically across their entire lifecycle – from acquisition to write-off.

Scope of functions

Ledger management

  • Create closings
  • Period-end closing
  • Accruals and deferrals
  • Improve multi-currency support
  • Parallel accounting
  • Summary reporting

Asset management

  • Depreciation calculation
  • Acquisition and retirement
  • Asset reporting

Inventory valuation

  • Evaluation of purchases and material movement
  • Evaluation of warehouse stock
  • Evaluation of WIP

Management accounting

  • Cost centre accounting
  • Sales and earnings statement
  • Management of project costs and revenues
  • Project costing
  • Calculation of project costs
  • Profit centre management

Human Resources

The HR department is closely linked to the organisational structure of your company. Regardless of company size – effective HR management increases business success. Only when you turn your attention to efficiently picking the right employee and evaluating their performance.

SAP Business ByDesign enables you to align your HR processes seamlessly with other corporate processes. This gives leeway to your employees. Add clarity by providing personalised access to portals designed for the requirements of different task areas and provide your employees withself-service tools that speed up routine tasks.

What is more you facilitate payroll processing and time recording for the HR and accounts department and optimise resource and personnel planning for your managers. Plus the flexibility to suit your organisational structure helps to optimise and synchronise your business processes.

Human Resources

Purposeful staff assignment and simple administration of HR data is directly associated to your corporate core business and processes.

SAP Business ByDesign ensures automated HR management. Your competent employees will for instance have access to personnel data exactly when they need it. In-built workflows and features such as HR-specific forms and reports support your managers and employees in speeding up their routine tasks.

  • Integrate on-boarding processes – also when it comes to allocating tasks and determining access authorisations for new employees.
  • Ensure compliance with corporate policies and legal regulations in personnel management.
  • Synchronise internal payroll accounting activities with external service providers.

Scope of functions

Personnel management

  • Personnel file management
  • HR management

Working hours management

  • Time recording
  • Work schedule management
  • Time account management
  • Time evaluation


  • Payroll adjustments
  • Payroll structure management

Payroll accounting

  • Collaboration with service providers
  • Edit payroll accounting

Personnel master data administration

  • Personnel data management
  • Service provider data management
  • Job descriptions
  • Manage access authorisations and responsibilities

Employee Self-Service

With SAP Business ByDesign you provide your employees with self-service tools that allow them to handle simple administrative tasks themselves. An automated workflow for task and time recording, purchase requisitions and expense reimbursements supports the authorisation process. Those so-called self-service capabilities are automatically allocated to the individual employee in a decentralised process. This takes pressure off your administration and HR department and at the same time it increases employee empowerment.

  • Ensure purchase requisitions are in line with purchase policy.
  • Manage IT - or other - support requests and their follow-up actions electronically.
  • Enable your managers to make self-service requests or change requests on behalf of their employees.

Scope of functions

Employee self-services

  • General employee self-services
  • Expense accounts
  • Procurement
  • Support
  • Using self-services on behalf of other employees

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