An integrated enterprise

SAP Business ByDesign is the perfect solution to integrate sales, distribution and service type subsidiaries for headquarters using applications from the SAP Business Suite or other SAP ERP systems.The entire enterprise benefits from improved planning and control, end-to-end processes and an increase in the efficiency of corporate collaboration. At the same time the local organisation remains independent and flexible by using SAP Business ByDesign. Furthermore the solution is cloud-based which means: fast implementation, no IT resources needed. What is more the monthly fee is based on the number of users, i. e. on the size of the subsidiary.

Typical examples of subsidiaries using SAP Business ByDesign:

Local distribution organisations

  • Manages customer relations
  • Sells products which are delivered to the customer via the parent company’s central warehouse or factory (drop shipment)

Sales and distribution organisation

  • Manages customer relations
  • Sells and delivers products which are delivered to the customer from the subsidiary’s warehouse

Local customer service

  • Manages customer relations
  • Provides customer service on behalf of the parent company – e. g. maintenance, repairs, consulting

Shared Service Unit

  • Provides standardised, knowledge-based services for the headquarters or other subsidiaries within the corporate network – e. g. procurement, human resources, IT support and helpdesk

Services, Consulting, Engineering

  • Manages customer relations
  • Provides project-related services for the headquarters, subsidiaries or customers
  • Project team members are from the headquarters, service units or other subsidiaries

Highlights for headquarters

  • Consistent database for improved strategic planning and control
  • Standardised integrated processes
  • Increased cost control
  • More efficient collaboration across the entire enterprise

Highlights for subsidiaries

  • SAP Business ByDesign can be customised to fit local requirements
  • Boosts efficiency of local operations
  • Fast, cost-effective implementation
  • No local IT infrastructure needed
  • Fixed monthly fees
  • User-based fees
  • Mobile use

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